Welcome to The Living Word Church & World Outreach Ministries

 It’s no accident that you are on this website at this moment and I count it as a privilege to have you visit it. The word of God says, “…if you seek, you will find. If you knock, the door will be opened.” As you seek to know God, He is just as eager to know you intimately. He desires a love relationship with you that is real and personal. I believe that we can help you in the discovery process. If you have questions, God has the answers.

Apostle Lesley & Pastor Rosella Ford

The Living Word Church & World Outreach Ministries is a non-denominational, Christ-centered, Spirit filled ministry, reaching beyond the Twin Cities to see souls saved by the word of God through the discipleship of Jesus Christ.

“Vision – “Souls At Any Cost

To become a world-wide outreach ministry directed by God. To use every available means to reach “Souls At Any Cost”


To establish training centers throughout the nations for the purpose of developing Christians into disciplined workers and leaders, who are taught in the ways of Jesus Christ, according to the Word of God.

Our Core Values

One Church = One Body = One Vision

A Praying Church A Loving Church A Tithing Church.

A debt-free church with debt-free members.

Our Pastors

Lesley & Rosella Ford

Senior Pastors

Weekly Service Schedule

Sunday Services:

9:45am – 12:30pm
Adult and Youth Ministry Services
Wednesday Services:
11:00am –  12:00pm
Mid-day Intercessory Prayer & Bible Discussion
6:30pm – 8:30pm
Adult and Youth Ministry Services