Welcome to The Living Word Church & World Outreach Ministries

 It’s no accident that you are on this website at this moment and I count it as a privilege to have you visit it. The word of God says, “…if you seek, you will find. If you knock, the door will be opened.” As you seek to know God, He is just as eager to know you intimately. He desires a love relationship with you that is real and personal. I believe that we can help you in the discovery process. If you have questions, God has the answers.

Apostle Lesley & Pastor Rosella Ford

Our History

During the time of 1970 to 1980, God groomed Apostle Lesley Ford Jr. into spiritual maturity while attending the First Church of God In Christ. Pastor Earl Demming saw the call upon his life and asked him and his wife, Rosella, to go to the projects, gather the children and begin an outdoor Sunday school. This was done with the help of Israel Hill, a seasoned in the word resident of the neighborhood. The Sunday school started with ten children in Israel’s front yard. During the change of season, often the class was held in Israel’s basement, it continued until September 1983. The Lord gave Apostle Ford the name “The Living Word Church of God in Christ”, birthed from II Corinthians 3:2-3. God’s favor rested on The Living Word Church early in development and provided space at the Luxton Community Center, in St Paul.

The church resided there until 1986 then moved to 205 Otis Ave. in St Paul.  Fall of 1988 brought about the change from The Living Word Church of God in Christ to The Living Word Church & World Outreach Ministries, a non-denominational church. As God continually added to the church, the congregation outgrew the original building. In January of 2006, the church moved to its present location, 640 North Prior Avenue.

The Living Word Church & World Outreach Ministries has grown to a membership of over 400 and God continually blesses and adds to the ministry.