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CROCHETING FOR A CAUSE makes a difference!

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To: Crocheting for a cause-

I’m a military veteran who spent 3 weeks in the Mpls.VA hospital 2 years ago. While there, I received a 5’x5’ lap blanket that was crocheted by your group and donated to the VA. Besides   appreciation to the person who knitted it, this blanket has taken on a special meaning to me.

Call it a habit, but each morning I sit on the edge of my bed sipping coffee and watching birds through the window for a half hour or more. I have poor circulation and after 10min. my legs get cold. But when I put your lap blanket on like magic, my legs are warm. I swear there’s gotta be a heater or something built inside this blanket because it’s not just gradual warmth, it’s instant.

The blanket has become an important part of my healing routine and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m writing to tell you know how much I appreciate your efforts to help veterans and hope you continue.

Very Sincerely,


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